In order to address the specific needs and service gaps in the Chinese community, the Centre is committed to develop innovative projects, experimental programs and conduct researches to examine service delivery approaches which are potentially to be developed as a service model and seek for concurrent funding from government.

Active Ageing
Active and Fulfilling Ageing 

This project aims to promote active and fulfilling ageing as well as encourages social inclusion of Chinese speaking seniors through active learning, life coaching and championship program. Click here to read more.


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Community Visitors Scheme - 'Care Buddies' 

This scheme provides trained volunteers (Care Buddies) to visit socially isolated Chinese-speaking seniors who either reside at Commonwealth funded aged care facilities or receive home care packages service. Click here to read more.

JFL Bilingual

Social Connectedness Project - 'Joyful Line'

This is a new tele-support and counselling service to help homebound frail Chinese elderly and their carers improve their social isolation and gain social connection as well as emotional support. Click here to read more.