CHSP is a government subsidised programme. It provides entry-level support services and is delivered on a short-term, episodic or ongoing basis for frail older people who have functional limitation to remain living independently at home and in their community. There are various number of services available through CHSP.

At Chinese Community Social Services Centre, the range of care and services available under the Commonwealth Home Support

Programme includes:

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To be eligible for the CHSP, you must be: 

    • 65 years or older (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people)
    • Having trouble with everyday tasks and feeling that a little support could improve your health and wellbeing

How do I access CHSP?

You, a family member, a friend or a support worker can contact My Aged Care (MAC) Centre and make a referral. Call MAC on 1800 200 422 or visit their website on

If you do not speak English, you can contact Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450. You can use TIS which is free of charge to call My Aged Care. When you call TIS, an operator will ask you what language you need. Tell the operator in English the language you speak. The operator will then connect you with an interpreter who speaks your language and help you to call My Aged Care Centre.
For more information or to request for assistance, you can also contact us on (03)98981965 or visit our Box Hill office


What fees will I be charged?

According to government’s contribution policies, all clients who can afford to contribute to the cost of their care should do so. The fee will be based on your personal income level. For further details, please contact us. For those who have difficulties to pay for the cost, you are welcome to contact us for further assistance.

Please click here to download and read our CHSP service brochure


Allied health and therapy services

Allied health and therapy services focus on restoring, improving, or maintaining older people’s independent functioning and wellbeing. Our quality service provides you with the support you need to remain active and independent in your own home and in the community. Individual treatment program is specifically tailored to achieve your needs and goals.

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Currently, we provide services to the below service catchment areas

    • Southern metropolitan regions
    • Western metropolitan regions
    • Northern metropolitan regions


 Domestic assistance

 If you are finding difficulty in managing around the home and are requiring a helping hand. You can get the support with domestic assistance through CHSP.

 Here are the services we offer:

    • General house cleaning
    • Unaccompanied shopping (Delivered to home)
    • Linen service

 Currently, we provide services to the below service catchment area

    •  Southern metropolitan regions


Social Support Day Centre (SSDC)

We understand the importance to connect with the community, to meet new friends and to enjoy meaningful activities in a warm and welcoming environment. Engaging in structured activities also helps you maintain and enhance your daily activity skills. Our qualified and caring staff and volunteers in SSDC could provide you the support to join in activities. If you require some assistance to engage with others, you can get the support with SSDC through CHSP.

 Here are some of the activities we offer:
    • Social & recreational activities
    • Fresh, delicious meals
    • Excursion
    • Transport to and from your home
    • Warm and inclusive environment

Currently, we provide services to the below service catchment area

    •  Eastern metropolitan regions
    • Southern metropolitan regions
    • Western metropolitan regions
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Please click here to read our SSDC brochure


Flexible Respite

If you are caring for an older person and would like to have a break and to get re-charged, flexible respite is one of the options that can assist you by providing supervision and assistance to the person you care for.

We provide short term (a few weeks or months), or ongoing in-home flexible respite depending on your needs. Our staff will work with you to create a respite plan suited to you and the person you care for.

Here are services we offer:

    • In-home day respite
    • In-home overnight respite
    • One-on-one structured community access activities

Currently, we provide services to the below service catchment areas

    • Southern metropolitan regions
    • Western metropolitan regions
Indoor Activity
Celebrating Senior's 100th Birthday
Chinese New Year Celebration
Christmas Party
Docklands Excursion
Frankston Beach Excursion
Good Wishes Scrolls for Chinese New Year
Indoor Gardening
Indoor Gentle Exercise
Outdoor Exercise
Songs for Seniors