Social Support Day Centre

Social Support day Centre adopts the Active Service Model to provide structured activities for frail elderly (over 65 years old) who lacks social support or lives with dementia. It aims to maintain and enhance their skills in daily activities on these aspects: physical, social and emotional needs as well as to provide opportunities for social interaction.

We organise Chinese-specific Social Support Day Centre for frail elderly living in the Eastern Metropolitan regions (Cities of Boroondara, Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Monash and Whitehorse), Southern Metropolitan region (City of Greater Dandenong). These activities are held on weekdays from 9.00am till 3.00pm. 

Dementia Social Support Day Centre

The Dementia Social Support Day Care Centre(s) are designed for older people living with dementia and their carers. We provide structured activities such as music activities with therapeutic elements, physical exercises, cognitive training, reminiscing activites, sensory stimulation, small group activities, social time and excursions. The Centre also provides activities and carers group meeting on a regular basis. Carers will be provided with support and advice to manage stress and improve their well-being.

Target Group

For Chinese elderly living in the Cities of Monash and Whitehorse. These activities are held of weekdays from 9:00am till 3:00pm. A small fee is charged to cover the costs of transportation, meals/refreshment and activities. For those who cannot afford the full fee, we have a fee reduction policy. 

               Social Support Day Centre Schedule

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Dementia Day Centre



Manningham Day Centre

Whitehorse Day Centre




Whitehorse Day Centre



Knox Day Centre

Wantirna South


Monash Day Centre

Dementia Day Centre

Western Day Centre



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If you are interested to join our Social Support Day Centre(s) please fill out the Application Form (click here).

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Allied Health and Therapy Services - Counselling 

Our Allied Health and Therapy services provides counselling and therapeutic interventions  focus on improving or maintaining older people’s  psychological and mental  well-being. This service is of episodic nature and delivered on an individual or small group basis. The counselling sessions can be arranged face to face or by using  tele-conferencing technology for people who are homebound, with mobility difficulty, or live in remote area. Older Chinese people who are aged 65 and above and experiencing the following issues can contact us for an assessment:

  • Unpleasant emotion
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Adjustment disorder
Carers' Support Services 
  • Flexible Respite Services - we have Flexible Respite services such as In-home Day respite, Community Access for  individual program and etcetera to support carers to take a break from their usual caring duties. The eligible carer should be currently caring for a frail or older member receiving Commonwealth Home Support Program and living in the Western region.

  • Carer's Support Group - our Carers’ Support Group is for carers caring for a people living with dementia. The group meets on first Monday of each month. A wide range of activities such as excursion, skills learning and sharing, managing carer stress, interested and relaxing activities are arranged for the participants. 

Access and Support Project 

The major aims of this project are to assist eligible clients of Chinese-speaking background to access the Commonwealth Home Support Program and other related services; provide specialised cultural knowledge, information and advice to mainstream agencies in providing culturally appropriate service responses for these clients.

Click here to download Access and Support Program Brochure.

Volunteer Coordination 

Volunteer resource is one of the important components of our Centre. They play a significant role in our service development.      

We currently have over 200 volunteers in our volunteer pool, and over 50% of our volunteers are actively involved in different volunteering work every week.

This program aims to:
  • promote and encourage volunteering in the Chinese community
  • recruit volunteers among the Chinese community
  • match volunteers' background, abilities and interests to available volunteering positions
  • provide them with on-going trainings to improve their confidence and volunteering skills

Click here to download Volunteer Coordination Program Brochure.


Indoor Activity
Celebrating Senior's 100th Birthday
Chinese New Year Celebration
Christmas Party
Docklands Excursion
Frankston Beach Excursion
Good Wishes Scrolls for Chinese New Year
Indoor Gardening
Indoor Gentle Exercise
Outdoor Exercise
Songs for Seniors