Level 1 Title Residential Aged Care

Residential Care is an accommodation service for older people who are no longer able to manage living at home, either for short term (respite) or permanent term.

As an elderly person grows older, he/she may find that the needs for help with day to day tasks or health care needs increased; and staying at home even with Community Aged Care services is becoming more and more difficult, then one may start to consider receiving help and support by living in an aged care home either on a permanent basis or for a short stay (called residential respite). Staff at residential aged care facilities can provide day to day services such as cleaning, cooking, laundry; personal care such as dressing, grooming, going to toilet; and 24 hours nursing care such as wound care, catheter care.

Being the largest non-profit making welfare service provider for the Chinese-Victorian community, Chinese Community Social Services Centre Inc. understands the most pressing needs of our Chinese speaking seniors, and set up the first and only Chinese Specific High Care Nursing Home in 2006 to provide High Level Residential Care for Chinese seniors in Victoria.

From 1 July 2014, the distinction between low care and high care is removed in permanent residential aged care. As a result, residential aged care facilities (previously known as Hostel and Nursing Home) can now provide both low and high levels of care as per the decision of individual facility.

With our state-of-art facilities, modern equipment and experienced staff, On Luck Chinese Nursing Home continues to provide quality aged care services for residents with ‘high’ care needs. However, in order to improve accessibility, On Luck may consider applicants with ‘lower’ care needs on the condition that their admissions into On Luck can greatly enhance their quality of life. We also have regular catch-up with our residents and their carers to ensure a smooth transition into the On Luck Chinese Nursing Home.