Q. What if I enter a residential aged care home before 1 July 2014?

The costs for entering into a residential aged care home has changed on 1 July 2014. If you enter a home before 1 July 2014, you will continue to pay the costs under the existing arrangement between you and the aged care home. 

Q. Am I eligible to enter On Luck Chinese Nursing Home?

Being the largest non-profit making welfare service provider for the Chinese-Victorian community, Chinese Community Social Services Centre Inc. is committed to providing quality aged care services to our seniors in the Chinese Community regardless of their financial circumstances. This includes the accommodation places at On Luck Chinese Nursing Home are accessible by those with low asset or income. Applicants are required to go through a combined Assets and Income Assessment conducted by Department of Social Services to ensure low asset or income residents would received government subsidies to cover the accommodation costs in the form of fully supported or partially supported residents. Therefore, the accommodation cost published here is the maximum accommodation price (room price) for comparison purpose by non-supported applicants. Actual fees charged can be less depending on your personal circumstances. We encourage potential care recipients and families to discuss their current situation with us.

Q. Are there any provisions for applicant with financial hardship?

The Australian Government recognises that not everyone can afford aged care fees and charges. If you can’t afford to the fees, there are hardship provisions to ensure that you can still receive the care that you need. 

Q. What the fees/charges for entering a residential aged care?

If you don't understand how much you are required to pay for staying at aged care homes, click here for My Aged Care Residential Care Fee Estimator to get a cost estimate for entering On Luck Chinese Nursing Home. It is advised that you consult an experienced financial advisor in aged care and personal finances to make arrangements on payments and other matters prior to signing the Residents’ Agreement and moving into our nursing home.

Q. Is my refundable accommodation deposit secure?

The Australian Government has legislated prudential arrangements to ensure the safeguarding of Residents Accommodation Deposits. These regulations specify matters such as how Refundable Accommodation Deposits can be used and time frames for Deposit Refunding.The Australian Government guarantees your accommodation deposits and this means that you can be certain that your deposit balance and entitlements (including any interest that has been accrued on the balance) will be repaid if the aged care service provider becomes bankrupt of insolvent.

Q. How do I apply for accommodation at On Luck Chinese Nursing Home?

     Please refer to the On Luck Nursing Home Admission Guide. Click here to read the guide.

Q. How does On Luck Chinese Nursing home maintain the Aged Care standards and accreditations?

On Luck Chinese Nursing Home is fully accredited against the Accreditation Standards of Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (previously known as Australian Aged Care Quality Agency ). Click here to read the reports .

Q. Can I have a tour of the On Luck Chinese Nursing Home before choosing an aged care facility?

Yes. Private tour can be arranged for potential applicants. Alternatively, click here to view the living and dining areas, bedrooms and garden of various themes.To find a residential aged care home closer to your living area, please visit My Aged Care website.

Q. Can I speak to someone to get more information about On Luck Chinese Nursing Home?

     Please contact On Luck Chinese Nursing Home administrative team on (03) 9844 6000.